Ballet! The Waterfall Ballet For Paterson

Ink on Paper by Walter Eres









The world 100 years after the Paterson Strikes

In 1913… hundreds of disgruntled workers gathered together to stand against the industrial machine… they stood for what they thought was a small cause until the IWW showed them how important their demonstration would be.

They stood for weeks with their hands in their pockets…a promise they made to keep from coming to blows.

They failed but ultimately, they changed the rules forever more.

I am attaching a snippet and a sketch of

The Waterfall Ballet is one of many beautiful works to come out Paterson depicting this very interesting story.

The Waterfall Ballet

Click ^^^^ to hear a short part of the Waterfall Ballet.

Please let us know you agree and write to us to let us know what you think. We need funding and the support of a dance troupe who could work with us to make this a wonderful show for the city of Paterson! Don’t miss the chance to help us produce it.

Write or call…


I am looking forward to a great time creating some great projects for 2013!