Colleen Gutwein, “Time and Tide”

Colleen Gutwein

A photographer, Ms. Gutwein lives and works in the Montclair/Newark area.  Her documentary style of photography has transported her through the American mid-west, as well as southeast Asia. She has financing for a film based on her photos, her research, her perspective. These photographs will be on display in the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse for the PatersonArtwalk 2012. The selected works are from a series titled “Time and Tide” in which Colleen documents the rebuilding of Cambodia in post-Khmer Rouge times.  A series within the work, are digitally enlarged Polaroid positive prints. They present the viewer with a more extreme side of candid documentary style while the chemical process of the Polaroid is in the spotlight as well.

Though far away from Paterson, Cambodia is a part of our modern consciousness. We all have heard of Cambodia and we know the story is tragic, violent, heart breaking. The suffering, the destruction, of the culture, resources. Time and time again, the People are left at the start of a journey back. We have to believe that we are at the start of a journey, and we hope that we are heading toward renewal. Since 1970, more than 60,000 civilians fell innocently to the ravages of war left behind. Mines, buried, lost for years, in the beautiful country side… maming children, grandparents, sweethearts’. Finally, since 2008, the deaths from a long gone war are disappearing. Unfortunately, the struggle continues…

What can we learn from this ancient culture that has been so battered? What is significant about Cambodia, that we share and can take away with us as our beacon to peace. Near or far, the people of earth dwell everywhere. We are one with them, connecting through art.

Art speaks to all people. Here we can come to understand.

Colleen Gutwein can be contacted via facebook.