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This is where it all began...

This is an opportunity for us to list the various and amazing little spots that we just can’t include on our tour but couldn’t leave off this site. What kind of tour would we provide if we pretend we do’t know about these amazing object d’artes. Yes, in Paterson, they exist in all their glory and by listing them here, we give you the chance to see them and to enjoy as much as you can on your tour! 

We are trying for you!


East Side Park

Geatano Federici

West Side Park

13!/2 VanHouten Street

Alexander Hamilton

John Holland

SUM Island (Alfano Island)

Ryle Avenue

Colt Mill

No More

Civil War Monument

Lambert Castle (Bella Vista)

St Paul’s Cathedral

AME Zion

Temple Emmanual

Tiffany and his windows

SUM Wrought Iron Gateway

Power Plant

Hayden Heights

Casa Rosa and the foot bridge to West Park

The Morris Canal: Marshall Street

Hinchliff Stadium

The Armory

The Masonic Temple

LeFant Origanal Design

The Master Plan for Paterson 1985

The Old Court House

The Colt House

Old School School 2

The Raceways

Duck Island