Paterson Great Falls Arts and Revitalization Inititaive



(Please complete by June 15, 2011)



Workshop #1: Purpose: To identify unique sites in the City of Paterson – particularly in the Great Falls Historic District – where art, artists and arts groups can be incorporated and help to facilitate redevelopment. This is the first of three workshops that will build on each other’s success to develop a final implementation plan for revitalizing the City through arts.


  1. Name your favorite place in the City of Paterson.









  1. Describe why it is your favorite place.









  1. Describe what you do there.









  1. How can arts, artists and arts groups be incorporated into the Great Falls Historic District (public sculpture, performance space, galleries, arts education)?










  1. Where are key places in the District for art, artists and arts groups?










  1. What does a future, revitalized, arts-focused Great Falls District in Paterson look like?











  1. Develop a one-sentence tag-line that captures the vision of the future Great Falls Historic District.