Points of Interest Page


Here is we where we get you walking around and staying awhile. Over time these pages can expand and

become outings and excursions for whatever interests lay in Paterson. But for now I have a few concise tips…

Use the fabulous Mill Mile Audio tour to get started. Write to us for PAssaic Cunty Historical Society’s master tour…”Federici’s City” and see the many statues Gaetano Federici produced. He envisioned his own “renaissance” and he left his mark. Don’t miss it.You can click (into the old map) to see our list of possible points:) Your visit to Paterson can be great fun…

You can also try our Visitor’s Center, they have a few tours as well. Or just park in Overlook Park, walk the grounds… view the Falls and walk from there, over the Falls and to the other side. It is a nice walk. We do it frequently because we live here and it inspires us.


And while you are walking… think of Paterson before industrialization, and after… find the rainbow!

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This is where it all began...


or take this tour!:))

This takes about 125 years to finish!