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IAM So Proud to present:

The Legend of The Season Magic of the Pearls This year as a special gift to all of you that log on and subscribe, I will send you this ebook, free-with one condition, that you leave a review for me on Amazon, where you can pick it up. This is for a limited tim only. […]

IAM Celebrates Seasons Greetings!

…and all the rest of it.   It’s has been a mind bending year. A long year of change. It is difficult. But IAM gratefully holds the memories and experiences. Don says “We affirm our “I” ness… ” He says its a doorway to Paterson, a doorway to respect where you are welcome. Everybody deserves […]

Musixplore and Ivanhoe!

            Bring more of his great series to Ivanhoe and Paterson!!! Great stuff! Sunday November 17 1pm Please support the arts and MusixPlore! For more information Click into Facebook…

MusiXplore @ Ivanhoe!

  Sunday September September 22, 2013 MusiXPlore returns to Ivanhoe for a second terrific music series! Don’t miss this great change of pace in Paterson Hosted by John Korchok and Joined by ArtCrime! First up! Terrence MacManus!                   A must see. Check out the link for more […]

History Told! in Paterson!

100 Years later! We celebrate! and we hope we evolve! And we had so much fun! at the Great Falls Festival 2013 Celebrating Labor Day! and the History of Labor over Aeons…                                               […]