History Told! in Paterson!

100 Years later!

We celebrate!

and we hope we evolve!

And we had so much fun! at the

Great Falls Festival 2013

Celebrating Labor Day! and the History of Labor over Aeons…

The Rainbow Is seen! Photo by Marcos Salazar













The Strike! Photo by Marcos Salazar









The Curtain  Photo by Miguel DeJesus










We hope!

We pray for the greatest good! and it was great! as usual!

An artist has a desire to communicate love and pain and to share intimate feelings.

It can be enlightening.

We hope that we told the story and made a difference somewhere.

The children were stupendous! and all of the music was amazing!

Two days full of creative vibes for the Great Falls Festival 2013.

See What Vram and Matt concocted for you as well a great time was had by all!


Come back for more about the performance… “Patersonian Legacy”

Thank you!

Jumpstart Community Training program.

And Vram and Matthew and The Big Drops!

Come back for more detail as we load photos and links:)

and Thank you! Everyone! who helped! and Everyone who came.

Don’t miss the Teen Arts Lab at 1 Market Street, Monday Through Friday 4pm-7pm.

Click in the links for further information.

All are welcomed.