The Great Falls Festival 2013

A Week! We have a week before the Great Falls Festival

And this year we are celebrating what our ancestors did.

100 Years Ago

And I asked you again, what has changed?


and nothing… you say?

You may be right.

We rely on the people who labor somewhere.










But IAM believing in progress.

IAM having hope and belief in the “good side of a man.”

So come to see the History Play of the City of Paterson

Patersonian Legacy

and a cast of  charactars including Hamilton.

Featuring Jumpstart Productions

and other players.

5pm September 1 and 2.

Please also come back for our list of music planned for the weekend as well and a unique art show…at the Great Falls Festival 2013.

But before we get there!

Come out on August 16

Big Drops








Big Drops return to Ivanhoe along with a slate of bands and

other interesting performances.


Spend a Friday August 16th celebrating music and the arts at the Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic!!! 

From 4:00pm-11:30pm


Isaac’s Horizion_______9:30-10:15

Kubasa _____________9:00-9:45

Fire Spinning!!! _____ 8:30-9:00

THE BIG DROPS_____7:45-8:30



Joe Pearson__________5:15-5:45

Sister Mary________________4:15-5:00

And hopefully we will see them and their line up for Labor Day weekend as well…

Let’s be greedy about it.  You can never have too much fun!

Go Vram and… (Thanks for inviting us:)




It’s here! and it’s happening!

The Great Falls Festival 2013

We are planning to open our doors as we always do!

This year the festivities begin on Sunday September 1 and continue on Labor Day, September 2.

We will be presenting arts and music at Ivanhoe for both days!

We will also have a display of arts in the park.

Please let us know that you would like to participate.

Write to us at

or call 973-826-0132