Paterson Art Walk 2012


Paterson Artwalk 2012




PatersonArtwalk turns four!

IAM is planning a great art show.  We hope that we will enhance the quality of life in this little city each time we do something like this.  Let us know you want to be a part of the 50,000 square feet of exhibit space that has been generously shared with us. And look out for other surprises. There’s more resources than meets the eye in Paterson.

Call (973) 826-0132.  Find the space you’d like to work in and come out to the Dolphin Mills, a 19th Century Industrial Complex full of imaginary spaces!!! Start your project in one of many amazing spaces for a fascinating exhibit! Lets make the best of it in spite of our differences. Lets do what we do best with the resources that belong to all of us!!! That’s you and me!!! the community at large!

Call and stake your claim.














































Paterson ArtWalk 2011!


Art by Johnny “Soap” Vega in the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse until June 30

Thank you Johnny! Your Exhibition is great!

Love you and your beautiful family and great friends! We hope you will continue to have a presence in Ivanhoe.



Artwalk June 11, 2011…

The weather held out and we all had a relaxed, low stress day, though not without controversy. Sad though. Sad for us because it was wrong.

Sad because it appears to be good and but there is denial.

Will the truth ever come out? Why is everyone so afraid?

Why can’t we accept the truth. The truth is the only way! How it effects us when it is rejected!!! Gluttony, murder, war! Of course it hurts!

It hurts either way. You can’t be happy when its all wrong. There’s no peace when there is an imbalance. So it has to stop!

And when the truth comes out, it will stop. Change will take place. We need that. We need that in Paterson and we need that all over the world.

We need to get past the old destructive and corrupt way of doing things and to stand up and live what is right.

This story of the Paterson Artwalk is told here: click the pic to know what you need to know.

Knocked down by the selfish, elitist work of a PAC

It’s not easy. People have become mean spirited. People get mad when they don’t get their way.  That’s not good. That’s not conducive for growth! There’s a perpetuation wrong and it underlies everything and loss continues. Destruction.

The Artwalk belongs to us all. It is our art tour and it is all we can afford at this time. It requires our resources and volunteer hours and hours. We all want to participate. But those of you that participated? Those of you that did not ask, and participated and thought you were appearing in the show… not to exclude or harm! but to be happy, and be a part of something that help others…

You have no idea of the damage…

We are compromised but we love the project. We have to be there too.

Before we lose all that is golden to us.

We have no choice but to support it for the sake of those that matter:

…each other.

We know that many don’t understand.

Many never dreamed nice people could do such things.

We’re not mad at you. We are grateful you come.  We’re just hoping that we could overcome it together. We’re hoping you might take another look and hear what’s going on and help us to adjust this. Because we are talking about the community at large. We are striving to build future generations standing up for what we hope for, in our society!

It is easy to restore Justice, our community.

It’s not complicated at all. We can stop.

When we do, we will flourish.

It is our destiny.

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And if we can soften this we can be happy together.

Otherwise… more of of the same…


Paterson's Grassroots Arts Alliance

Homegrown Arts of the First Planned Industrial Complex