Save The Royle! Save our Heritage! Keep our Assets intact!

Dear Friends:

The City of Paterson is in trouble. For years our city has been a a path toward destitution. An example of the persistent damage we witness is in the future of the Royle Mill building on Essex Street.

A Company from Purchase, NY is tearing down of the Royle Mill in Paterson, New Jersey. The Royle Mill is a historically significant building and is in excellent shape for its age yet the owner will “raze” the building and save on taxes.

Paterson is America’s first planned industrialized city. The Royle Mill is a key building in interpreting the Industrial Revolution and our Heritage. The Industrial Revolution changed us as a civilization in a very short time frame and much of it’s beginnings happened here in Paterson and some very important inventions were developed at the Royle Mill. It is immoral to tear down this important structure when it is a piece in the puzzle that will be sorely missed later. To destroy any one of the most historically important buildings in our city compromises trust in what belongs to the community.

The history of the Royle Mill transcends Paterson…

This walking tour takes about 125 years to finish:)

Please, help us correct this and move on to rebuilding Paterson. Recently,  Victor Cruz came to Paterson,  the Inner City Ensemble returned and the Great Fall Historical and National Park continued promising us that Paterson is not abandoned. To correct this mistake requires no monetary loses if we rescue the building. But doing so preserves our rebirth and prosperity.

Below are media accounts of the Royle Mill’s potential demolition for your review.


Please read on:

Paterson is trying to salvage a major piece of American History and World Heritage.

Paterson has the assets to be a “World Heritage” site. Pamela Jerome has come to Paterson to let us know that this is a very real possibility.

This is our story, our legacy. The Royle Mill was sold and must remain intact. Though it is not public property, it is an important part of our tax base. It was outside the trust of the community to sell city treasures in the first place. Buildings are treasures and a testament to our heritage. These structures last through generations. Some are more important than taxes.

Paterson has to rebuild. We have the newest National Park and other assets.  The Corporation that is our city has made an error. Paterson sold many more of these buildings, low: to get ratables. However, as the economy continued to down turn, it became less expensive to tear a building down than it is to restore it. The option offered to the Developer: His taxes go down drastically if he levels his buildings. This will further damage Paterson’s chance of recovery.

In Paterson there are numerous other developers who are ready to take advantage of this opportunity if we let it happen.

It is counter productive to sell our assets to gain ratables then to destroy them for the benefit of lowering the very taxes we hoped to gain by selling. Please help us in our struggle to see a vibrant Paterson revitalized with all of it’s many assets telling the story to future generations.

Her Royle Highness, still looking good!
7:30pm January 26, 2012
Photo taken earlier that day by Carl Burrows