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This is where I organize a list! In my next life OK. Unless you want to do it! I’m sorry that’s rude. But this is hard work. Forgive me if I balk. I love the Ivanhoe and all the opportunities it brings me and everyone passing through!  So I put this little gallery together and with a bit of help from the others I put their blurbs in! I will add as I can! With my Best Regards, Christine

This list s just the beginning:

But it starts with Don Kommit:

Poet, Artist, Mincer of Words – celebrated bane of spell check.
As he puts it…
“Always wanting a new field of searching out and embrasing thuzed forces in pigmenat and weaving faking up into a new khaned tray.“

Paul Bailey:

Performer, Musician, Composer
Expressionism in Music? “Too dissonant!” So to get by, I will call my submission neo – expressionist, or expressionism lite. The expressionism lies in the emotions of the listener, as they see themselves and their world in the lyrics and melodies.”

Mike Depatria

“Art is the consumption of 1-2-3. It’s so elementary easy for me. Com’on let’s fall in love. It’s easy like taking candy from a baby.”

Joe Rufilo

Artist, Sculptor
“Started drawing at 5 years old. Started sculpting metal in the 70’s working with poetry and painting in mix media.“Why you did the piece- Arch Reason choose Lucifer Angel.” Better to rule in hell than in serve in heaven.” May he rest in Peace.

Kathy Benevento

Art Instructor, Painter
“Creativity is the source for to transform the cognition and emotion into statements of expression influenced by culture and time period.The arts,a catharsis for the conscious and unconscious allows for the proclivity of peace and inner balance.We are all born with creativity.Attimes,it becomes suppressed.Set it free.”

Audrey Smith

Art Instructor, Painter
“This is the only place that is safe. It is my world where no one can enter. I can make my own sacred space- no one’s opinion matters or exists. I exist. I am not invisible but alive & strong.”