About US


What is here is news! It has always been my lace to bring you the ;attest in Paterson

From my head to your heart.

Done for you, all of us. A beautiful project of the heart.

I reported here for all these years.

See the vast array of projects inspired here, from our hearts.

We are still here. Call us what you will…

Ivanhoe? Paterson Arts? The wackie artists?

That’s us and we are still here.

Just let’s see what happens next and in the meantime, IAM Inc. is gone to us.

But the Ivanhoe, the membership lives on.

Ask Don, Mike and Robyn, and Ron, Hugo, Pancho…


Who else? claims they cared?

YESSSSS, Iam not IAM Inc.!

I am Christine

and this page was always mine. I really didn’t like the name. It grew on me.

but I never created the page. I created this instead.

Here lies a resume of the authentic flavors of this little hellish, nadir.

We were drawn in.

I think now, I’m free from it, but I will continue to lavish in it’s richness…

Beautiful thing:) this shitty city!

I am man, human, mankind, the universe.

This is where I share the inspiration.

I hope you feel the love.

And me and my friends,

We  march on.


A history of the local artists and their following:

The Ivanhoe Artist’s Mosaic Inc. was incorporated by twelve members in 2006. (See list below) to nurture the arts and create a venue for events in Paterson, New Jersey. The space was a place for local artists to develop and experiment wherever possible. We were dedicated to providing arts and culture for our beloved community. This page is dedicated to the artists that created the events. Many individuals participated in events. Artists from the region were involved in the events and sometimes they became members of the organization. However, this page has always been dedicated the communication of what information I had first hand about the arts in my world.  Please search the web for the Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic Inc. for current news as currently I am not involved in the organization.

Thank you to every one who supported me in my zone.



Special Thanks to

Marcia Julian

Thank You to Our Past Sponsors

  • National Foundation of the Arts
  • The Children’s Fund of Paterson
  • Tri-County Lexus
  • Passaic County Cultural and Heritage Commission
  • Next Wave Graphics
  • Sach’s and Zichter Plumbing Supply
  • The Paterson Rotary PM Club
  • Uncle Lou’s
  • Vincent Brink
  • Gabriel Quiros Jr


The original signers are as follows:

Don Kommit