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The Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic Inc, was founded by Don Kommit, Christine Conforti, Michael De Patria, Ron Emolo, Al Facas, and Carolyn Sage Martourano. We spent Wednesday nights over coffee and we planned and implemented our art events. In 2006 IAM became a not for profit arts organization, offering continual arts events and providing arts to the community until 2013, when we dissolved the IAM as a Not for profit Entity. The Ivanhoe Artists website and blog remains as a testament to the work done. The work here was created and maintained by Christine Conforti who authored it in order to inform the public of the events and to use the blog as a creative out post and documentation of the work presented. Nothing will ever come close to the amount of work done at the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse as it was a unique and safe place for all who participated. This blog was my gift to the public, a labor of love that I hope to one day share in new ways.

Three Pillars Return!

Ephrain, Rene, Franz Featuring the unusual suspects and friends… come back to check for more information.                         and Robyn Thompson too:)        

Paterson 1st Annual Music Awards!

file://localhost/Users/Socrates/Desktop/photo.php%202.webloc …and what a great show it was! Ivanhoe Was there as well to support the arts! Featuring Alisajane Please look back to hear more about her upcoming show! At the Ivanhoe! More photos from this great event to come!

Paterson, 100 Years After the Strike of 1913

Paterson, 100 Years Later! What are we doing about it? Have we changed? Why does it matter? Why should we present this historic event to the public and children. What is the purpose? Please click …below… to hear the Music created for this purpose… Don’t miss the chance to make this happen. PatersonianLegacy1992Intro Children in […]

Paterson ArtWalk 2013 Continues…

  Hugo Munoz had his Artwalk in The Great Falls National Historical Park on May 26m 2013 …and the Artwalk continues…                             Paterson Artwalk Continues… Janett Rodriguez was also very generous with us: Below is her gift to the community.     […]

Paterson Artwalk! Opens May 18

The Great Falls: “National and Historical” 🙂 That’s Right! Come to the Falls from 9Am-9PM on May 18, 2013 This is the Call for Artists, Historians, Performance Artists, Crafters… you know who you are:) Bring your installations into this beautiful natural and historical setting. On May 18 we will enjoy arts and a day in […]