Paterson and American Historical Discovery

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A Book of Poems by Alfred Gibbs Cambell

Paterson and American Historical Discovery
Date: Saturday September 22, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM Sharp
Location: Ivanhoe Wheelhouse Museum and Art Gallery,
4 Spruce Street, Paterson, NJ 07501
Subject: Alfred Gibbs Campbell, African American Industrialist

While researching the Ivanhoe Paper mill time line and ownership one of the owners stood out as a mystery. Alfred Gibbs Campbell was for many years in charge of the New York office and listed as a supervisor of the mill. He was a complicated man and noted as an Abolitionist, a Temperance Leader, Poet, Women’s Rights, publisher of a newspaper “The Alarm Bell” and a patent medicine producer. I guess a very involved man of the times but, I came across a 1923 book that listed his poems as those of a forgotten African American poet. This is where it becomes interesting and historically significant for Paterson and America. Time for recognition as a major Patersonian.
The time line:  Born 1826 Died 1884 – Published his Poems 1883
Finest militant race protest of the 19th century (written word) 1830-1860
Single-handedly presented a petition to the NJ State Legislature calling for peaceful session from the Union on account of Slavery
Employed at the Ivanhoe Paper Mill 1849, advanced to supervisor, manager, Singly In charge of the New York City Office and owner of the entire 10 building complex up till his death (35 years)
Alarm Bell 1851-1852
First US Concrete Poem “Song of the Decanter” June 1852
Married Anne Hutchinson (Trenton) Sept 2, 1852
Vice President of the American Anti-Slavery Society, under William Lloyd Garrison 1857

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