IAM hosting “The Caribbean: A Coastal Experience”

IAM interrupting this Holiday Season to bring you: Elvin Serrano

and his “The Caribbean: A Coastal Experience” Show

He offered to take us there and we in our naive wishful thinking, agreed. So when he unwrapped his latest photos, we knew we were in the presence of a true artist! Sweet landscapes captured by a Caribbean dreamer shared by the enthusiasm of a world traveler.  Elvin has seen plenty of beauty in his travels as a pilot and his talent precedes his technique and precision. In a moment, he flies us in and lands a perfect image where we are transported by his craft to the place.

Join us in celebrating his photographic debut at the Ivanhoe. Reception with live music and refreshments on December 9, 2011 6pm

You can see the exhibit at the Ivanhoe from December 9-January 9, 2011.

I look forward to seeing you there.



See more about Elvin here: