IAM Preparing for the Future

We are all preparing for the Future!

IAM in a mad rush and IAM not sure we can keep this up.

It’s too much! Besides what AM I getting out of it?

Don\’s Wisdom

See Don Kommit explain my role at Ivanhoe*

IAM no longer in control of it!

and I want to be “Bigger than Ever!”

At least that’s what the Great Falls Festival is about this year and like a good nurse, IAM working on it for you!

That's what Marcia said we had to be!This image was done without Photoshop! UGH!

The problem is that life has become the Industrial Complex! take over!

Like the nightmare!

Where masses of people of all colors and creeds are enslaved to the workplace. Just like that nightmare. This is not where progress was supposed to take us! and unfortunately, it is where we have gone! And we can’t get out of it now.

But in my little way, IAM trying to have control over my little world. IAM hoping for peace and happiness and IAM no longer willing to rush through it all.

It is time to relax! No?

This next show is called “Bigger Than Ever!” and for Ivanhoe its our next challenge.

How can I be “Bigger the Ever?” …the way Father Mark says IAM  “in God’s eyes!”

IAM not supposed to be miniscule and insignificant! …and unhappy! But what about this big mess I’ve created! That’s bigger than ever!

How AM I going to rise above it before it’s all over? And I don’t mean the end of the world! IAM talking about before IAM missing another precious moment with you, my loved ones.

This “Bigger Than Ever” theme is assigned to us and we (in all of our craziness) have to mold it into something profound for you as always. So here IAM announcing our next show, and trying to make sense of it in time.

Coming up! the Great Falls Festival, “Bigger than Ever”September 3,4,5, 2011. 4-11pm WE will be open at the Ivanhoe!

In all our humbleness we will have our exhibition, performance art, music, poetry and open “mike”

And don’t forget the rest of what we do:

The Mayor’s Jazz Festival: August 21 and 27, 6pm-10pm Live from Overlook Park.

The Contest: Shlomo is paying $1,000. Lets show him Paterson has the talent!

Ian’s Great Falls School of Art:  Classes, Peggy Cook’s Teen Play: “Messages,” The New Orleans Art Exchange!, The NEA and MICD grant cycle! The Downtown Beautification Project: look for it! It is popping up all over ! What more do you want from a group of nutty volunteers! Imagine!!! if we start getting sponsors! and the good nurse fixes us with funding????

I will be back to finish this announcement over the next days and tying it together for you in time! But for now I have to get out of here!

I have been trapped behind this screen or another and I have to let go for a few days, and I will continue with more information ASAP. For now:

I am yours truly,


for the Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic Inc.

Paterson’s Not for Profit Artists Organization for all.

Come visit us: here on the web or in the Historic Ivanhoe Wheelhouse at

4 Spruce Street in Historic Paterson.

*I want to embed that video and have it play in the screen! If anyone knows how to get this done, help us out. This is the first video I used in 7 years, because I can’t get it right. But this would be an opening for us. Then you could really see the genius that I see. There is a lot of talent passing through the Ivanhoe. It should be shared and enjoyed. Any help is welcomed.