IAM sad when the Big Top Comes Down

Big Top Perceptions

And  IAM happy to say we did it again!
We did what we could. We came together and had a great show!
The artwork is extraordinary as usual.
The atmosphere: from laid back to dance party madness.

Most importantly, our content had potency… IAM excited about it.

But life under the Big Top is relative. Ask Julian.
 Isn’t he adorable?
(Don’t worry I can say that, I saw him grow up in the circus!)

Julian Zerbini and Christine

Well, he was moved.
Our perceptions of the “Big Top” endeared him.
But what’s not to like about the circus anyway?
The clowns? The music? The girls?

I’m thinking, “the rain? the vacant seats, the work involved?”
Seems lonely too in a weird way, like not quite understood.Yeah… Circus Life! 
It”s teamwork to the “enth” degree!!.

Photo by JMuti

Photo by JMuti

… and that’s something to think about.
It sure made us happy!
It is what it is. Good, bad, up, down. It goes on.
We weather the storm and set up the next show!
If we learn from our mistakes,

We will see the day where we stand up, Our arms raised in exaltation.

Painting by Patricia Spinnler

That’s how its ends. The “Big Top Perception” show.
With the child is on top of her world in a joyous stance!
She takes her place on top of the world!  No kidding!
The little clown succeeds in seeing her beloved child, make it!
Humanity makes it!
We have to believe in it or we have nothing!

Painting by Rolando Vasquez

Thank you to:
Ellen Rowe, Don Kommit, Jim Reilley, Paul Bailey, Mike DePatria, Ron Emolo, Ken Create, Beverely Imperato, Joe Muti, William L. Struwe, Robyn Thomson, Rolando Vasquez, Patricia Quiros, David Warren, George DiAmico,  Kenyada Mitchell, Jamal Hall, the Buntro Boys, Richard Cuascut,  Hugo Munoz, Nicola Domanchuk,  Joe Morello, Michele Adrianzen, Frank “Poncho” Garcia, Stan Alston, Happiness Akaniro, Patricia Spinnler, Amanda and Rob.

For the Ivanhoe, 

Up Next:

Rainbowseekers goes to New Orleans

Oct 1-4, 2010

Christine Conforti, Kathy Benevento, Beverly and Cheryl are to travel for a reception at the Contemporary Arts Center in NOLA. This project celebrates the endearing exchange of art works and messages from children of Paterson to the children of New Orleans in what the children understand “as mutual hardships.“ 9/11 and Katrina link our communities. History, geography, the arts and sciences are cross-referenced creating a unique opportunity to raise awareness and encourage understanding across the miles.

October 10, 2010

Italian Heritage Festival

Support needed please inquire.

IAM is hosting an Italian Heritage Documentary project. Bring your story to us at the Italian Heritage Festival Lou Costello Park, Paterson, New Jersey on October 9 and 10, 6pm-10pm. We encourage you to submit your family memories and stories, current interviews, phone and video clips, home movies, photos, relics, clothing, other objects, etc. Bring what you want us to record and collect for posterity. Provide your own audio, video or we will record your subject. Your parents, grand parents, cousins and they can tell their stories about how it was in Paterson.

Pastel by Happiness Akiniro

Recordings will be on green screen as well as on locations. Appointments are encouraged for your convenience. October 10 marks the start of this project. There is great potential for Italian-American descendants and for the community at large in this important project. Please contact us for more information.

Don’t forget the IAM Programs:
“Store Front Initiative”
“Paterson Guided Tour Series”
”History of Migration of African American Families from South to North and Back and forth through Paterson.”

Please come to our Wednesday meetings to participate.
First Wednesday Board Meeting 7pm
Second Wednesday Members Meetings 8pm
Last Wednesday is “Open Mike” 8pm

Silk City Open Mic Every Thursday 8 pm

More pics to come!