The 5 Caballero’s Show at the Ivanhoe

It’s the
“5 Caballero’s Show”

Our favorite “gentlemen” are exhibiting their talents
and we want you to be there when we celebrate and encourage them as they share their most recent works.
Let’s celebrate their comraderie and our admiration for the arts.
Let’s celebrate life with all of it’s losses and horror’s, struggles and sorrows
and stick with the hope filled dreams.
Let’s look from the eyes of the “crazy artists” to see what’s so great about it.
Don’t miss this special event!  Celebrating the evidence that genius remains even after the fire!

The story…

Painting by Hugo Munoz

Hugo Munoz lost a lifetime of journals and original artworks on January 14, 2011.
Of all people, we never imagined him being at such a loss, especially and ironically over his artworks and right when he was really starting to get out there with his works.
But that changed abruptly.
Unfortunately, we only had a fraction of his works in our computers and phones,
and so we will be exhibiting what remains:
…the evidence of his development… the nature of his thinking… the evidence of his genius! The proof that faith remains even after a fire.

Hugo is joined by his friends Ron Emolo, Frank “Pancho” Garcia, Don Kommit and Ken Create

ON March 9, we will welcome the musical talents of Sam Mealie and Special Guests: Muzzy and Friends.
Muzzy was moved by Hugo’s situation and he didn’t want to miss the chance to be here for him.

Our Opening was lovely! Stay Tuned for more at the

“Where Art Lives in Paterson”
With great affection,

IAM and Christine