IAM Seeing the Daze Turn Into Knights!


I will stand up for it and do what I must to be true to myself and to those who look up to me.
IAM ready to do it if you’ll let me but you have let me do my work.
And you must respect that IAM capable.

So sit with us around our table as we go from the daze into the knights and
wake up to the world of possibility around us.

Olive Beaupre Miller The Treasure Chest of My Bookhouse
(Chicago: The Bookhouse for Children, 1920)IV:206

With this said, I shall resume my duties.
And you and I can enjoy the rapture of the benefit IAM offering.
The Artist as Victor over hopelessness!
The Artist as Spokes Person for truth and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Right here at the Ivanhoe! Your Ivanhoe!
And in all our humble accoutrements we will aspire to something more as your loyal servants!
We will take our place and do the work necessary to make the world a better place!

Below please note our upcoming itinery.
Our New Time of Arrival?
Wednesdays at 5:30pm for the
Open Arts Assemblage
With Robyn Thompson leading the way!
And don’t forget our upcoming Open “Mike”
Wednesday June 30th. 8pm
BYO and BYFriends! and joins in our quest for salvation!

Also sign up to put your art out into our community.
Let us explain more as we sit together and plan… our victory party!

And do not forget that we must know you want to be a member. Let us know via email and we will sign you up.
Remember your $20 donation gets you a membership and a free Ivanhoe T-Shirt,
Designed and illustrated by Joe Muti!
Then you will be ready to vote during our Annual meeting for our upcoming elections in September!

Congratulations Jeff Jones!
We were waiting for you!
and Benjie Wimberly, Ken Morris, Rigo Rodriguez,
Chris Irving, Alex Mendez and Kenneth L. Simmons
We have a great team right behind us in all ways!
we cannot fail now!
Thank you for that!

Thank all of you who participated in the Paterson ArtWalk 2010
and congratulations to our own three time winner of the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards
Editor’s Choice!  Ellen Rowe
for her Game of Numbers! Wow!

Photo of Christine by BeOriginal
standing on work by Nicholas Fraser from the “Esacpe from New York” Show See:

Wow! Nice work! We really enjoyed it!
See more at

So let’s do this!

I am ,
for the Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic
Where Art Lives in Paterson!

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