I See Monsters, I See Beauty

I post it as it is given to me and I have to go from there so, yes!

Welcome to the “I see Monsters, I see Beauty” Show
And IAM not surprised that our theme rings so true for us.
IAM astounded at the distortion and deflection of truth for power.
And how monstrous that is…
IAM in search  of the beauty in it, cause that’s how IAM.
So then we get “this!” and all at once the IAM is back in “it” again.
IAM deep in the throes of success as an authentic stomping ground for the art spirit.
…a sanctuary for the kindred.
The Ivanhoe nurtures the artist in us once more and IAM so grateful for that!
It is beautiful and that’s why we just can’t get enough.
And as always, we are here to offer it up to you.
We are at your service! All the usual suspects! Addicted to the lifestyle!
Dedicated to the possibilities in it all!
Thank you Paterson for letting us!

So, Come on out tomorrow for our Movie Night.
Our favorite Benefactor Vincent Brink, wants to turn us on to a new way of thinking.
Come out for a Wednesday Night Movie at the Ivanhoe, 8pm
and watch “Zeitgeist” with us.
Bring your own Pop Corn and Pop.

Then come out on our next Wednesday night Party on the 19th for the
“I see Monsters, I see Beauty” Show

Write this down cause it’s:

“Chasing the Byrd” agian!
We can’t get enough of our trio.
Play it again Sam and Mike and Stan
cause May 28 at 7:30pm, we’ll be there when the boys will play on.

Now this is not everything… You must understand!
I am keeping it short because IAM sure you are busy!
But I have to ask that you check back to our site as it gets tweaked and caught up!
And watch as the Ivanhoe develops!
We are here for the community.
We are here to serve you and keep your best interest in our hearts.
Come out to support us and wish us luck in our quest to make a difference.
Look out for our Walking Tour and more on Rainbow Seekers, and oh yeah!
Dr. Sketchy North Jersey! and The Paterson Art Movement and all that it is…
and look for more on the web…
Christine for the Ivanhoe Artists

See us on the web: www.ivanhoeartists.org