IAM a Legend of the Season

The Legend of Julia and Hershel DeCours “…We’ll dream of summer and of song and happy days when we were young.”

Julia and Hershel DeCours rode through town, waving as if for the last time. It was a bitter cold December night. The full moon was far away in a clear velvety sky. The townspeople were all excited about their new freedom from the plague. It was a joyous beautiful celebration of life through what would later become Paterson. Legend says Hershel and Julia gave their lives to save that village. They were wealthy and loved by all. He was a landowner. Handsome, kind, generous; a conscientious man. A father, brother, son, counselor; the executive of love’s highest totem for maleness. He was talented, charismatic, a king in his village and he adored and honored his beautiful wife. Julia was the perfect wife, an asset to this wealthy man of stature. Impressive in her servitude, dedicated to her family and committed to the welfare of the community at large. A mother, sister, daughter.  A counselor, a nurse. She was an executive of loves highest position on the totem of femaleness. She was talented, charismatic, a queen in her village… long before Paterson was.  They say that night; Hershel and Julia went back… together. They went back to “where the pearls were plentiful.” Back to the bottom of the Passaic.

By Christine Conforti Write to us to find where to read the rest.  All rights reserved 2007