Gimme Shelter

And last month, when we decided against using this next theme, it was not for lack of interest in it. But Mike and Sam and Chris felt strongly about it?
And what could be better for the month of November? Than: Gimme Shelter? boreasGimme Shelter?
Gimme???   A rudimentary request ? Shelter? The state of being covered or protected. A Request? for cover or protection? At Thanksgiving? I can see that.
And IAM not going to list all IAM grateful for… You already know what’d be said about that. But in giving thanks, IAM doing much more? IAM acknowledging that I might not have been so fortunate, that things might be different in some way and in this, IAM take leap toward goodwill. During the Holiday Season, there are many people taking that step from the thought of thankfulness into an action. IAM in agreement that the original proposal, the intent… and ultimately the message, doesn’t fail. IAM taken year to year as I sit with loved ones and give thanks for my blessings! Then, when we reach the “goodwill” part, we rise above the ordinary. And mankind is at its’ best! IAM grateful, that after all of the hatred and narcissism, violence and materialism… IAM taking part in good will once more! Or at least IAM trying. It is here where we make progress collectively. But as a global community, are we making progress in protecting what we have as our blessings today for those who will follow? We did not create our problems alone but with each generation things seem more and more chaotic and less… peaceful,  there I said it!!! Again!!!! Do we recognize and take action?  Oh!!! IAM preaching to the choir, I know? Or AM I? Gimme Shelter? HUM? Humankind has thus far moved mountains (actually!) … cured diseases and overcome what at first appears to be humanly impossible?  IAM grateful for our potential in this. IAM aware that action has begun in some circles and IAM thankful once again.
It is a time of great for fortune for many of us. No doubt we are grateful. So what’s next? For the Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic, Inc. I am, Christine tributetoklimtCome out to our next “Open Mike” With the Musical Direction and Talents of Mike DePatria And unique sounds of Sam Mealie on his Banjolie!!!! Don?t forget Paterson?s ?Legends of the Season!?  Holiday Parade. December 8th at 5pm. Don?t miss our depiction of  ?The Legend of Julia and Hershel DeCours!, Sponsor by TriCounty Lexus And come out for our after the parade gathering at the Ivanhoe. Also the IAM and Americorps are Co-hosting a Toy Drive at the Ivanhoe, December 15. Check back with us for details! Bring something, wrapped for a child who may not receive anything this Christmas. And best wishes for a wonderful Holiday 2007!