Love Affair With Paterson

IAM back!  You knew I wouldn’t leave you forever! Sometimes you have to lay low! Especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. And IAM so busy thinking about it! And getting ready for you! YES! IAM back. Yes IAM here to let you know! The IAM presents: Love Affair with Paterson What could be more enticing but to ponder the Love Affair! rainbowSurely we have all been there at some point in time. But to have a love affair implies affection, passion and commitment, and in some ways, resolve. How beautiful it is to be in love and to experience the “affair.” But how does that relate to a city? How can one have such affection, passion and commitment, for a city? I admit, IAM stuck on it! And IAM not walking away! And IAM not alone. Many of us feel the same way. We know it is almost wrong! In some circles we keep it a secret! But love can never be wrong. It is acceptable because it is about love and not just an indulgence. It is the Love Affair. So our theme goes… and the “Love Affair” continues on with all of the puss and pain. We hold out hope that our commitment can somehow be enough to raise our loved one to glory. What a place! With all of the complaints and curses! Myths and Realities! Proof that it is a terrible and wonderful place! We stay on, convinced it is worth it. Oh yes we love Paterson. And we are going to show you all about it in the days ahead. We’ll exhibit, showcase and perform in honor of our beloved city. And we hope to share some unexplored details of this “forgotten???” city Enough to raise it up! And save it somehow! To rescue it from obscurity and place it back on the map as a city that means something to the world! And Oh Yeah!!! Flux Factory…. We love you.  You’ve inspired us to love our city even more! Stefany, Morgan, Joe, Ruth, Leonora, Lita, Jean, Jahoe and Francie too…  I can’t sleep at night! See how they show love for Paterson,  visit their monumental project on the web:  And stay tuned for The Great Falls Festival

Where we will continue
“Love Affair with Paterson”
at our most beloved Patersonian event
September 2, 3, 4, 2007
But check back with us on that.
See our website,  write us,  donate!
IAM looking forward to it!