Alone in Deep Space

IAM certain this too will pass IAM Out Here Again! And IAM inviting you! Join us on October 22 at 6pm
for an exhibit of the unique works created by the children who participated in the IAM’s Summer’s Outreach Program funded by PCCHC, The Paterson Children’s Fund Tri-County Lexus! Catch up with us as we show off our Projections in a Presentation Capturing the good things we can do when we work as a team! And dont miss the fun at on October 25 at 7pm at the reception for: alone
… an installation and exhibit of street art and a performance by Animal Crackers brought to you by Darren Baskinger.
This theme is especially interesting when these times create such deep and lonely feelings for so many of us. IAM acknowledging our place as miniscule and isolated in this huge and infinite space of possibilities.
Good or bad,  we feel the reality of our mortality. No longer do we see ourselves as immortal. And why ? When so many of us believe in the afterlife? As our temporal and earthly wealth fails us, we begin to look back to each other for moral support. But our morale is gasping as our counter-parts starve around us, literally, figuratively and morally, and we float in what feels like a sea of emptiness. IAM not the only one! and in that sense IAM not alone at all. AM I? It is ambiguous and life as we know it takes a turn. Whether we like it or not. The yesterday we knew is gone.Our innocence is shaken and we are facing another test. Let’s agree.  This is a test. It is only a test and we will pass this one too! I AM confident that this too shall pass! So put your fears and worries on hold and expect that things will work out. Life will go on and IAM here to remind you of that once more. Art at its’ most important moments. And dont forget to see us at the Holiday Parade December 13 and on the web.
Thank you to all who contribute to this great project. See you there,
For the IAM I am, Christine Oh YES One more thing! A very special thank you to two special ladies: That’s you Beverely Imperato and Michelle Adrianzen! Thank you for being so willing to do the dirty work, and Cheryl and Peter Imperato as well! All of the Imperato’s have been so generous with us! thank you for coming on board. Where would be without you?