Shimmer and Shine

It was Scarlet and Crimson Holiday in “Shimmer and Shine”

The sweet holiday story of love and renewal. Love conquers all for this classic 21st Century family. Glamour and Romance are alive and well in PATERSON! And IAM so proud of Paterson today! We did it again in spite of all the madness!

Breaking through finally,like the stars in our eyes as we hope and dream and feel the love we long to share! Thank you Marcia Julian for working like you do,  crazy as you are and beautiful too! Did you recognize me?
Yes! IAM just little me!  Playing along.Trying to make it fun for everybody! But I did get the chance to see my city at its’ best, sharing in the promise of another years labors and reflecting back the desire for fellowship here! We have it! The boys in white agree!
A great time was had by all! 

The IAM does it again and we can’t be stopped! It is just the beginning of what we have planned for our beloved city!