Turning Blue

Oh yeah! I hope you realize how serious this is and how painful it can be! It’s cold and IAM out here again, trying to make sure something happens. After all,  The holidays passed without incident and IAM still waiting! blueface I know you know what I mean. And IAM not talking about love! Well, maybe somewhere in there. But when we say IAM “turning blue” It’s not so much an emotional thing… By the time that happens your already blue…Turning blue is the process, the part before you actually reach full blueness. It’s the cold hands, chattering teeth, blue lips (only). And then, maybe the old, “Can’t wait to have some more of that!”  too… Oh Yeah! But,  Hey, It is cold! And on top of everything I can’t get my car started!icy

bluballs It ‘s not funny really,  this is all true!Even Wall Street knows what we mean when we say… IAM Turning Blue! Yes I had to go there,  I saw it in the google! And it really does happen. Just after the Holidays, there’s this long slow grinding halt!The long cold days of winter, and the anxiety, waiting… Ouch! …the hold out… the time that has to pass before something happens! Sometimes it can seem like forever! But it has to be done. Time has to pass before we see the crocus. And fortunately,  we believe in the future enough to know that we will. And there you have it. The philosophical full – circle. You can’t have the anticipation with out the knowledge that “it” will occur. You “will” see tomorrow and spring “will” arrive and yes dear! … “that” too. You know good things come to those who wait! And we know you have been waiting to hear what’s next with us! So we invite you once more to the Ivanhoe For a look at this??? condition of ours… blufaceSome of us more than others I think! But we hope to enjoy a few laughs and ponder a few concepts concerning this cold and difficult state and  kick off the New Year at the “Turning Blue Show” Featuring art works of Donata Reilly Nicola Domanchuk Don Kommit Bill Strue Christine Conforti Walter Eres Cindy Martinez Featuring our Blue Performances under the Musical Direction of Michael De Patria. And come find out about Christine’s “Blue Light Special!” Don’t Miss it. And don’t forget to see us on the web for more details: www.ivanhoeartists.org and log into a most interesting and pro-active blog hosted by Donata Reilly: http://groups.google.com/group/patersonartwalk Yes! Save the Date! May 30 2009! Paterson is hosting an “Art Walk!!!!” Find out what we are shooting for. Don’t forget our regular meetings Wednesdays But expect to see the Ivanhoe open more and more in the days to come! Mondays movie nights, Thursday Jazz nights and Friday Night at the Ivanhoe Cafe. Something is happening ! Let us discover the arts in our Labratory with you! And best wishes for a great New Year! For the IAM, IAM Christine