EverGreen Art Scene Labor Day Weekend 2009

going to the
“Evergreen Art Scene
Go Green Art Show!”
and IAM digging the Grand Celebration of the Great Falls National Park

… and all that grows around such a scheme!
Colored Green with all of the Natural wonder here,
the thought of new opportunities blossoms!
The hustle and the push through the mud up into the light of the Sun under the Stars!
…is moving me forward.
Our Beloved City finally reclaims its’ place in History!

We know it is our rebirth! And yet it is new to us all!
And we’re ready to Fall in love with her all over again!

As she nurtures our needs and we feed our souls on her resources.
Evergreen, never stale!
Go Green! All Hale the promise at the Great Falls!

…Celebrated with you @the Ivanhoe!
September 5,6,7
The Great Falls Festival

Grand Celebration

Starring all the usual Characters:

Stan Alston Paul Bailey Sally Donatiello Ken Create Mike DePatria
Ron Emolo
Frank Garcia
Beverly Imperato
Cheryl Imperato
Erica Imperato
Don Kommit
William Landolfi

Sam Mielie Nicola Domanchuk Natalie Marino
Joe Muti
Ellen Roe
Joe Rugilio
Bill Strue
Katina Hilton
Mike “Johnny Cash” Vegas
Christine Conforti