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Dear Families:

The past weeks have been an experiment and challenge but we have already accomplished a few interesting things.

We started working on the History Play of the city of Paterson. We have been reading it and going over the meaning of the poetry. We also experimented with a short performance art work called The Question.

We will start with short works like these and create a foundation to build on as we go.
In the photo (above ) the children are working with paper mache forms. The forms are used to construct the giant faces of the play.
The children have painted and sketched with Ian. They read poetry and sketch with Don. We experiment with stretching and movement, stage combat and improvisations. It’s best for the children to wear clothes that are comfortable and can be soiled if we are painting etc…

We also prepared three 12 foot x15 ft canvas’s that we needed for the mural we were painting in the National Park on October 6TH.
The children sewed the long pockets on the top and bottom of the three canvases. There were six fifteen foot pockets altogether that had to be sewed. The pockets house metal rods we used for hanging the canvases on the wall. We will now continue painting the canvases at the school in the next weeks. The children will be invited to participate.

One of three canvases for the Mural Project, “S.U.M. Stories for the Bridge”

We had music classes with Gerald each week where Gerald is introducing the children to reading music as well as rhythms. And finally, on Friday we had a visit from Nathan Webb, Music Educator from The New Roberto Clemente School. He lead us in drumming and a wonderful drum circle for a great ending to a long week.
In the next four weeks we want to continue to prepare the history play and learn more details about the history of Paterson. We hope to take a walking tour before it gets too cold. We can begin to understand the layout of the Historic District. We were visited by another artist Rita Feigler who is interested in assisting us with the history areas of our program as well… we hope to encourage your child’s participation.
Please give me feedback on any difficulties you are having in your child’s participation. I’m hoping to post information on Facebook more and more as we go along. Please let me know if you are available to work with us during our program hours. We welcome your participation.

Any questions call us or write: patersonarts@gmail.com

The photos (above) thus far have only been shared with the participants and staff. Please be sure to return a photo permission slip for us so I can share these images on our website.

The Great Falls Teen Arts Lab Monday-Friday, 4-7pm
Painting, Visual Arts, Photography, Music, and Drama!
Ivanhoe Artists, the Herbert Van Denend Educational Foundation, Dawn Treader Christian School…
100 % FREE! Ages 12-18….
Please contact 973-345-9830 to enroll today!
or write to us at patersonarts@gmail.com


Teens 12-18 (Register Now)




Lets prepare for the future.

In Paterson: Let’s prepare for an opportunity.

We need to be healthy. We need to be knowledgeable. We need to be ready.

Over the next years, with the designation of the Great Falls National and Historical Park,  the City of Paterson can enjoy an influx of visitors.  Tourism promises exponential growth in Paterson, creating economic change here. Our community and especially our teens, can get prepared for this. “The Ivanhoe Teen Arts Laboratory” will prepare our teens to provide goods, products and services, so that visitors will have reason to stay and spend money when they visit the city of Paterson.

In Paterson visitors should be welcomed with smiling faces, a helpful attitude and knowledgeable guidance. The teens will be groomed to present lectures, tours and re-enactments. They will also be coached on entrepreneurship and applying all of this to their futures.

Participants will have access to all of the following over the next 13 months.

Painting, fine art, props and set creation, music studies, voice and movement: stretching daily, interpretive dance and theater games, history education, staged readings and re-enactments, tours and the layout of the land:)

Putting it all together through entrepreneurial opportunities.

Through the arts,  we can create a fascinating answer to this eminent demand.

We are inviting teens ages 12-18 to participate.

Registration begins Wednesday August 1, 2012.

Please let us reserve your child’s place in our program. Call or write: patersonarts@gmail.com

or call: 973-826-0132

Thank you for passing this along: