175 Years of History and Affordable Arts at the Passaic County Fair

Calling all artists wanting to participate by bringing their art to the Fair.

“Affordable Arts” and Print Sale:

Art for sale $50 or less…

Stay with your art and sell one day or 5.
You are responsible for your cash box*

Call us to participate. We’ll need confirmation for each day via email or call please.

973-826-0132 for information.








The 175th Anniversary of the County of Passaic

July 18th through July 22nd, 2012

Please join the

The Paterson Museum, The Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic Inc., The Paterson Public Library, Dr. Sketchy North Jersey

Featuring the

Set and puppets built for the

History Play of the City of Paterson in 1996










With… Exhibits and Performances at our  

Affordable Arts Show

originals, signed and unsigned prints, crafts

By local and regional artists* (see our list of Artists)

Don Kommit, Kathy Benevento, Ian Grinyer, JoEl Lopez, Frank “Poncho” Garcia, Christopher Fabor Muhammad, Hugo Munoz, Robyn Thompson, Dante Guariglia, Walter Eres, Tata Eres, Sue Tatterson, Christine A. Conforti, Efrain Martinez, Ken Create

Starting at $5.00

IAM and Dr. Sketchy North Jersey

Dr Sketchy Anti-Art School

Wednesday July 18 and Sunday


Featuring :

White Elephant

Viktor Devonne, Dolly Shot and Gretchen Violetta,

Special Thanks to Dr. Sketchy North Jersey

Plus Art Activities for the family!




























Dr. Sketchy’s Anti ArtSchool:

Miss Molly Crabapple’s fastest growing art movement

*Donations to Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic Inc.* accepted