Artwalk Aftermath

ArtCrime was just right for the cutting edge art experience Thank you Guys! Come back soon.










This photo was taken by a friend of Artcrime and Stephan Waldman


This is a photo by Maria Verilla of Ian Grinyer's Yellowbrick Road

Ian painted this for a production by the Jumpstart Community Training Performers under Jamie Bland








Photo taken by John Edwards Richards


Yes we all agree it was a struggle but it was fun!

Now we have to find out how to do it again.

Or at least keep the momentum going.

If you are interested in the development of the arts and humanities in Paterson, please let us know.

Next year is an important year for us. We will be planning events and we welcome ideas and collaborations. We have many new friends and we want to support the unique energies of the community. There’s so much we did not even touch upon yet so lets get busy.

But first I want to thank everyone who helped us.

I am not putting this in alphabetical order nor in any hierchical list…

I just need to be sure you all know that you are appreciated.”Without each the whole could never have been…Without each I become some other me… as time rushes on…”

John Korchuk, Steve Orbach, Bob Seibert, Stephan Waldman

Sue Tatterson, Jennifer Romanuk, Rene Rosa, Frank Garcia, Hugo Munoz, Walter Eres, Tatiana Eres, Colleen Gutwien, Jason Spages, Jim Reilly, Ian Grinyer, Don Kommit, Jo-El Lopez, The New Roberto Clemente Elementary School of Paterson,Sally Ortega, Blanca, Keith, GCAA Kids, Edwin Almonte, Yvonne Agarini, Ron Emolo, Dante Guarigila, Debra Guariglia, Christopher Fabor Muhammad, Joe the Carpenter, David Simmons, David Garsia Jr, David Garisa Sr, Mayor Jones, Charles Pettiford, Patricia Quiros, Christine Conforti, Jack Perna, Pat “Akua” Holmes, Brian Lopinto, Daniel Quinn, Kiana Salmeh, Rob Burrows, Carl Burrows, CJ Treadway, Sadie Santiago, Ken Create.

That’s not all…

I want to shout out to all of the artists that I’d love to cut and paste in here.. each of you locals and all of the artists who came from far and wide. It was a labor of love for you. We know and we love you for putting up with us… Yes the audience was sparse. But we are working on it. We want you to have your audience as we so hope for the same… and we hope we can host this so we all can have fun and maybe make a name for ourselves.

Some of us will wait while others have their moment, some of us will dabble and accept all the good that comes of it.

This is meant for us all. It was founded out of the goodwill of a not for profit arts organization who sought out a pathway. We gave of our time and community resources for the sake of the whole, that’s you too. There is some confusion, but it will be ok. No one owns Artwalk. You can’t. It was a gift we all gave.

So now that we are in Artwalk 2012, for the next year… we will see how to build it up for our 5th year and make 2013 all it can be… painlessly, with goodwill in our hearts and a desire to bring arts to the world!

If you have any questions and you want to find out how to get involved with the planning of the Paterson Artwalk 2013, please contact us at:

So our next event is simple and small:

A life Drawing Class with a live model at the Dolphin Mills 70 Spruce Street.

With a live model.

Tuesday May 23,  7pm-9pm


Life Drawing Classes at the Dolphin Mills May 23, 7pm-9pm

Life Drawing Classes at the Dolphin Mills May 23, 7pm-9pm