Lover’s Unite

Sketch by Don Kommit

Lovers Unite!

That’s it. We will expect no less! And anyone who does not want to enjoy the call, you are free to go!

The beauty of it all. To love and be loved. Why else do we do all of this?

And especially during the Holidays.

IAM in the midst of Christmas.

So it is not too late to say, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

IAM sending this late notice to be sure you get the message and to remind you of our

“Last Wednesday Open “Mike” This Wednesday, December 29, 2010 8 pm

It is “still” open “Mike” Michael De Patria is expected.

But we hope we see Stanley too. He’s been preoccupied. He got a job 🙁

We love him just as much, but we will see. And Angel, Torres. He called from Ohio.

He misses us and misses Stanley too. Says he needs his “fix” from Stanley. His “inspiration”  Oh and he is getting married too! Angel, that is…

So Open “Mike”

Hopefully, Sam with come out and play his drums, and Don will read and sing with Mike. IAM preparing a few anouncements as well. We’ll all bring a little something…

It will be fun. It is our last for 2010. And man what a year it was and boy what a storm we had!

Slowed us all down!

We needed it. It was nice. It extended our Holiday.

In fact, we are not finished with it at all.

IAM honored to continue the 2010 Holiday Celebration with you.

There’s so much to tell so much to share, so much to enjoy together.

So come out for our “Open Mike.”

Hear about our accomplishments this year and our dreams for the great future we as artists can offer to our community.

And if we can’t see you right away, we look forward to a great lineup for 2011.

Stay true, give love and receive blessings!

That’s the easy part.


Happy Holidays and many more blessings in the New Year!

Art is beautiful
The Meeting of the Magi

by Jean Duc de Berry 15th Century


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