And God said “Let there be light” Just in time too because winter turned out to have a bitter ending,
Especially for those of us who experienced that most egregious
and persistent germ that went around. And so finally the sun is coming up by 6:30 am…
Otherwise some of us would continue to reveal their secrets in bloomers… “Don’t you know it is hazardous to your reputation to get dressed in the dark Christine!” But I’ve suffered worse “Faux Pas” than the occasional see thru shirt or mismatched socks- But two different colored shoes…now that ‘s going too far!!!  “You need to turn on your lights!”  Not anymore…because it is Spring and
We all know that ladies wear flowered
underwear anyway!  And there’s no secret so beautiful as the opening of her flower, Yes! both literally and figuratively. The moment the petals open, all the secrets of the universe are set free and made possible. It is with this metaphor that we celebrate the arrival of Spring. The Secrets in Bloomers: Flowers and Underwear Show at the IAM I don’t make this stuff up… but I try to bring it together for you and I have no idea of how we are going to pull this one off  but somehow I have faith that a slide show by Joe Muti and various other artistic assundries will be more than enough to stir your imagination. and Oh yeah! Help us celebrate the blooming generosity of Hilary Hawke!  Who donated a fabulous piano to the IAM  and to John Gulino of Piano n-Tiques of Totowa who moved it and is tuning for us. And to Arthur Fierro for his generous gift of antique fabrics! Wow! Now we really have to do something!  Let’s toast their love of the arts and show them that there’s no secret to their support! Oh! Congratulations to the teens of Garret Morgan Academy for having an outstanding Open Mike! You are on your way!
And What an elegant exhibition of works by our newest IAM member, Mohamed Metwaly at Lena DeGange Studio: Go see it, buy something! and support this talented artist! And yeah! Wow! What Animal Magnetism! Lisa Cohen, Michael Craft, Evan Toth!  All in the same room! GGGRRRRRRR! RRRRR! RRRRR! Can I say that? Great Show! Thanks for inviting us. Don’t forget our next Open Mike scheduled for March 29, at 8pm We are really building something here! Let’s keep the momentum going… And if you can’t make it, watch out for our next show: “Crusade”  See you there! Christine For more information see: