I know… it’s not really a hot subject is it?… It doesn’t even hold a sexual innuendo that I can play on for you… None the less, it is our chosen theme for the month of March… Around here Spring comes no matter how cold it was… Gently creeping in, we witness the change. But there are other serious references to the word… Like the end of the “Cold War” maybe… I remember growing up with that. It was a part of my psyche… The Soviets recognized it too and finally there was a meltdown, and a rejuvenation of culture and science that gave way to the “Thaw” period in history. Can you imagine? A word can be so powerful! and when we see it imbedded in a context, its’ potency swells. It is uncanny how a “cold” war dissolved into this 21st Century heat wave… And what about that? How did we go from such a progressive release of useless thinking to this over heated treachery? But the global thaw we face is even more of a threat than this foolishness in the desert! But we stay very cool about it. It is going to get hot alright! We just have to hope that we can get practical before we are drowned.deepflls
Or will we be? Oh we’re very cool… in our big cars and our air conditioned houses,  drinking our clean and expensive bottled water!!! Do you think one day our kids will be shooting each other for a clean taste of the stuff? And by the way I thought that came from the heavens?  What would Chief Seattle say? What? You mean…  it is brought to me by Nestle? I’m wondering what these kids will do for air?  Can Nestle supply us with enough of that? I know I’m a downer these days but it’s true! We go from one day to the next without making even little changes that could really make a difference. And we know it! But who better to lie to than ourselves…  girlinmirror
This is one very hot subject that is going to heat up for years to come!That’s why after this month’s “Thaw” we go right into Earth month and talk about the “Stupidity” of it all. We can think some more about the self – destructive life style that we just have to lead… I am tired of complaining about it!!! I want to do something about it! Where did I put the keys to my Hummer? And let me try something… anything new!  I guess Starbucks is out? Maybe I should consider solar power?  Nahhh-Let’s see… hot sun = free warmth… The whole “sun” thing is just too… complicated? hotplace