The Embrace

Embrace me…

You Sweet Embraceable You…

Oh! the romance of it all!  To be in the arms of your loved one.

Taking each other close and making that contact.

This is powerful stuff.

Sure we are referring to the touching and kissing,

and intimacy shared between lovers.

But the embrace happens quickly sometimes, and more often,

and publicly.
embraceYet, it is no less than profound.

And even when mass produced…

Artist Unknown

…An artist’s portrayal of love’s embrace depicts something so  important to us.

It is the primal gesture of love.

OK… It’s true that deceit can exist under some very convincing  tenderness…

But an embrace is mostly shared as a noble  human experience…   conveying so many things…

Affection, trust, compassion, sorrow… passion… lust…

Ah! Ahhhh! Yes!  That inexplicable “lunge” for each other! Ohhhhh!…

It can take our breathe away!

But without the nobility in the intention, it becomes dangerous,  deceitful and indecent!

Holy!!!! There is so much risk involved!

And yet it can take place between lovers, siblings, parents, friends,

colleagues, even strangers… it can happen with pets and even  inanimate objects…

It is what it is…  We have all witnessed the magic in it.

Happy or sad, we reach out for the instant fulfillment it offers

and we receive something unexplainable and beautiful in return.

The embrace…  Exchanged soul to soul! Hey! Does a tree have a soul?

Oh! I don’t know!  It’s just…  In the intention…

Even if coming from only one to the other…

Something tremendous is transferred!!!

Something is given and somethings stays with us!

… even after we let go…

A gift to be cherished again and again! It is nothing less than sacred!

To embrace!

It is what it is… The powerful gesture given out of Love!

We can’t wait to take in the art that accompanies this genuine repose,

and to wish…  sweet love and tender embraces to you and yours.

Artist Unknown

In Honor of February,  Valentine’s Day  and The Embrace …

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They will present:

MARTY MATZ: The Surrealist Beat Poet –

the Lower East Side Biography Project’s video interview with the author.

They will tell about the making of his book “In the Seasons of My Eye”

(Panther Books, 2005), clipping his toenails and embracing the great  bulk of his being.


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