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I know… it’s not really a hot subject is it?… It doesn’t even hold a sexual innuendo that I can play on for you… None the less, it is our chosen theme for the month of March… Around here Spring comes no matter how cold it was… Gently creeping in, we witness the change. But […]

We are trying to End the War

“We are trying to End the War” Show Part III of Post View and the 92 Days of Sorrow√ā¬†Featuring:The Machine Gun Disco Dance of the Wild! 92 days of sorrows… is nothing compared to reality!Everyone went up in arms! and January was not even half way over! It hurts and it is so sad for […]

Jacob’s Ladder

Ivanhoe Artist Newsletter: June 2006 IAM aspiring to great heights And so I dream about it… But what good is a dream if I don’t decipher it’s meaning? Surely there is function behind the form! If we don”t contemplate it, we lose the chance for understanding something in ourselves. Certainly for Jacob it took some […]