Jacob’s Ladder

Ivanhoe Artist Newsletter: June 2006

IAM aspiring to great heights
And so I dream about it…
But what good is a dream if I don’t decipher it’s meaning?
Surely there is function behind the form!
If we don”t contemplate it, we lose the chance for understanding something in ourselves.
Certainly for Jacob it took some time to get hold of his dream.
And for thousands of years holy men, scholars, philosophers and poets
searched for the meaning of the concise description that says so much to us all…
Imagine Jacob – in the dessert – alone, with not much more than a rock for his protection. He has this comforting dream where he finds that God is beside him.
Funny how he sees the ladder in the dream and angels… ascending and descending…
Yet his Lord is at his side in the dream and he recognizes the place he stands as a holy one!

Painting by Joe Muti

Wow! Could the message be that simple?
It is hard for us to believe this with all of our earthly problems.
We try to live with love in our hearts in the spirit of the truly inspired,
We try to be in the here and the now! But it just gets away from us sometimes.
And then comes another moment where we feel it once more!
And I want to shout about this because as promised to Duckie and all of her friends in the mosh pit that Saturday:
We lived it! Pure inspiration and wholesome fun!
No Drinking! No Drugs! Just 100 thrill seeking teenagers! and the rest of us, right here in Paterson!
Six hard-core bands, crammed in … no chairs, no food! Nothing more than the music and their positive energy!
Our Angels – moshing and screaming up and down Spruce Street!
Letting us know that it is here and now! and how grateful they were that we gave them the chance!
This is Divine Inspiration… and I AM so wanting for our next infusion!
And though we have naysayers constantly trying to trip us up…
We ascend and stay grounded on our own turf! Here and Now!
Join us and feel the spirit!

Experience our June Open “MiKe:”
Explore “Jacob’s Ladder” in our Music, slide show, poetry, art show…
and feel the vibe we conjure in our sanctuary.
We are here to cultivate that “Divine Inspiration” so you can take it with you whereever you go.
And thank you Duckie, Shari and all of your friends for giving us another great event that is still with us days later…
Come out for a 6 week drumming workshop in July – August.
On behalf of the IAM,
I am yours truly, Christine
Come out to our regular Wednesday night meetings 7:30pm.
The Ivanhoe Wheelhouse is located next to the Burger King Parking Lot on Spruce Street in Historic Paterson New Jersey.
Call 973-278-4019 for more information.
Look for these bands on myspace.com and at The Ivanhoe, whenever possible!
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