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Not to be confused with your average pornographic slip of the tongue
And what ever happened to Shubert anyway? He died of syphilis at 31. He lived a short life but he was a prolific composer Most of his music was found a hundred years after his death, spread throughout the attics of the wealthy Venetians who patronized him. He did not live to know the magnitude of his influences. But he wrote profound works that we continue to relate to, What is a wedding without the “Ave Maria?” Why include this in our email? Who wants to think about such angst when life is already so difficult?

Without the likes of Shubert, music could not be what it is today. It is in honor of this genius that we proceed to our upcoming “open mike.” Shubert identifies with nature and human suffering throughout his music and we remind everyone that though winter is bleak and bitter there exists Faith, Hope and Love to move us through and shed warmth and light on our darkest moments. That the three graces exist in us all if we except them and reject dark nihilistic despair. Believe in tomorrow! Embrace the possibility that time changes everything and in time one lives again and again as Shubert does and as all things do in love and faith and with hope for better days. So Come out and let the three graces grace you out of the winter blues… January 25, 2006! 8:00pm
and Stay tuned for the upcoming “Culming of Love” show in February And thanks so much to Hilary Hawke for an awesome Holiday Show!  And by the way: The Ivanhoe has been gifted a Piano! Our first wish! Granted for 2006: How did you know? See! Dreams do come true. Do you know what this means for us! A new turn at the IAM…  But can anyone help us get it out of the third floor of Hilary’s apartment? Please? Will I have to beg? Or maybe promise favors???? Oh but I’m flirting again!!!! Let the IAM know if you can help. And come to our meetings to see what is to happen next. Best Wishes for a great new Year To all!  Christine

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