Love, If you see me don’t pass me by I need somebody or else I’m gonna die And Love, If you need me Just call and I’ll be there there is no sorrow That both of us can’t share*It’s Culming! It is always coming like waves, it is a continuation… The call, the coming, the pull, the calming. It frees you and imprisons you simultaneously and you have to have it. Yes another Don Kommit concoction… What does it mean? And why does it hold any meaning at all in this form? Why do we care? And why does everything have to take so long anyway? Like life for example… It seems to move so fast in some ways and at the same time, it drags on. The banality of our everyday duties can make it unbearable. We try to work peacefully each day and it goes on. But we can be well fed, have tons of cash and nice people all around. We can have sex, drugs and any other earthly pleasure… and without true love, we are empty. So we wait and we rush and when we get it, we hope that we’ve fixed it in time so we can feel it in our souls forever! Oh! There is happiness and finally peace. How sweet love can be… So why don’t we appreciate it when it is shared and why don’t we share more of our own? After all, we grow it in our souls. We are born to love and be loved! Still- people reject love rather than receive it and live without its pleasures rather than give it…  How can anyone be cheap with it? It is free isn’t it? No doubt it is precious…. and rare… I know… It requires sacrifice. There is the rub…  And oh do we pay the price! And yes, there are those who are just not ready for it… Wow! It is not to be taken lightly at all because without it we truly are finished: our purpose enslaved to the drudgery of the material world… Thank God for LOVE! And thank you love, for letting me love you! Love! It is yours! It is always coming if you recognize it.  Culming, Calming, Cumming, in every heartbeat, rising with each breath, filling us up, greater and deeper than the sea, more mysterious than  the night sky… the greatest gift continues to arrive!
LOVE! Come out to our next open Mike and see what we are talking about and bring home some Ivanhoe LOVE to spread around!  Let us fill you in on our progress: the piano, our 501C3… And stay tuned for our next show!
“Secrets in Bloomers” The Flowers and Underwear Show!??? Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger! But if you need more information go to: Yours Truly,Christine

Oh and thank you Daniel Quinn. “Italian” lunch with you is always a trip! …right past the taping of the Sopranos no less.
We would love to exhibit the Antonio Masini’s at the Ivanhoe! I wish we could get him here for the showing! But you are always a charming substitute… shoelaces not with standing… *Copyright 2003 Steve Winwood Daniel Writes: During my recent return visit to Potenza and Basilicata, Italy, I was entrusted with a collection of 30 lithographs, water colors, and oil paintings by the noted artist Antonio Masini. He is also known as a sculptor who has had commissions throught Italy, including bronze frieze’s for the Cathedral door in Basilicata in honor of the year 2000. He has had many shows in Italy, Gdansk, Poland, Bucharest, Romania, Berlin,Germany, Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Iquique,Chile. His work has also been shown in Milan, Matera, Perrugia, Naples, Bologna, L”Aquila, Foggia, Bari and also Cannes, France, Zurich, Switzerland, Barcellona, Spain etc. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on an exhibition of his exciting, important and diverse contemporary art work. I have other artists in my collection: Isabella Pizzano, Thomas Micchelli, Joan DeNiscia, and Ralph Fasanella. I am developing a larger project entitled Newark/Naples as a centennial exchange of the mass emigration (of my family) as well in the with colleagues regionally as well in celebrating and highlighting this historic between Naples/Newark and Italy as well. 20th century.)  With kind regards, Daniel P. Quinn, Producer, Writer-Director ArtsPRunlimited lunedì 6 febbraio  S. Paolo Miki WEBMAIL Antonio Masini (Calvello “Potenza” 1933) pittore e scultore italiano “Memorie in controluce”, 1998  Olio su faesite, cm 91x 80Laurea in giurisprudenza; maturità artistica all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli. Dopo le prime esperienze meridionalistiche aderisce alla nuova figurazione con una ricerca tesa verso la realtà sociale. Poi si orienta a scoprire le fonti del mito attraverso la poesia dei classici. Negli ultimi anni ha dedicato ampio spazio alla scultura in bronzo, ferro e cemento armato.Nella ricca produzione del Masini è ravvisabile il grande amore per la sua terra, la sola che fa riscoprire il senso e il valore della vita. Frutto di una profonda macerazione creativa, la realtà rappresentata non si risolve nelle aride presenze del quotidiano, ma palpita di tensione metafisica. La forma lascia parlare l’immaginazione del pittore offrendoci visioni allucinate dalla forte carica simbolica espressa sulla tela con la violenza espressionistica del colore, della luce e del movimento. ©1997-2006 Comune di Bernalda – Piazza Plebiscito 15 – 75012 BERNALDA (MT) Diritti riservati su immagini e testi – I marchi registrati appartengono ai legittimi proprietari. Programming: Giuseppe Montanaro – Webmaster: Donato Viggiano – Hosting by With kind regards, Daniel P. Quinn, Producer, Writer-Director ArtsPRunlimited