It’s the “Windows, Artscapes and Anything Better than Empty Storefronts” Show

“If you want it done right! You’ve got to do it yourself!”
That’s right! Artists have to takeover the world! And we can finally get this show on the road. If you or anyone you know, wants to sponsor a needy window, please contact us at Let’s see what we can do to get something going for our youth and the rest of the community. This is an opportunity to stir up creativity, fun and culture for everyone.


Empty Storefront Takeover










This week we are finally over our first hump with this project.
Please visit each site.

305 Main Street (above)
Main and Van Houten Streets The Shoppers World “Diskon” Building
Market Street Eldorado Building

Main and Market 5th floor Windows (photo to come…)

Thanks to Ekaterina Valiotis, Leo Iliakas,
Brian Egan, Beverly Imperato, Robyn Thompson, Jim Rielly, Ian Grinyer, CJ Treadway, Sadie, Therese Tolomeo, Patricia Quiros, Don Kommit, Kathy Benevento, the MacCraken Family: Patty, Joey, Nathan, Ian and Maya, Chris Mohammed, Jorge Sifuentes, Dan Shiver, Ronnie Emolo, Hugo Munoz, Brian Lopinto, Jamie Dykes, Sherri Ferrara, Maggie Rodriguez