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Where Two Rivers Meet: Frank “Poncho” Garcia and Hugo Munoz

Sculpture, Base Relief, Metal, Mixed Media by Frank “Poncho” Garcia and Watercolors, Color Pencil Sketches by Hugo Muñoz, depicting the Great Falls National Park and other Paterson Themes for a unique show of two special friend of Ivanhoe. A link of their links…to come.

EverGreen Art Scene Labor Day Weekend 2009

IAM going to the “Evergreen Art Scene Go Green Art Show!” and IAM digging the Grand Celebration of the Great Falls National Park

Turning Blue

Oh yeah! I hope you realize how serious this is and how painful it can be! It’s cold and IAM out here again, trying to make sure something happens. After all,  The holidays passed without incident and IAM still waiting!

Jacob’s Ladder

Ivanhoe Artist Newsletter: June 2006 IAM aspiring to great heights And so I dream about it… But what good is a dream if I don’t decipher it’s meaning? Surely there is function behind the form! If we don”t contemplate it, we lose the chance for understanding something in ourselves. Certainly for Jacob it took some […]